PlanB: Bitcoin To $864K By 2024

PlanB is now saying his previous prediction of BTC at $288K in 4 years was conservative and we should see Bitcoin @ $844,000 in 4 years:

Bitcoin Could Shatter $864,000 by 2024, According to Crypto Analyst PlanB

“I’m on $288,000 as an average value. $100,000 would be very nice, too. But if you just follow the math, if you just follow the data, and I don’t mean the time-series model. So we’re not looking at Bitcoin only. We’re looking at gold, silver, diamonds, real estate, all that stuff. It’s $288,000. That’s an average value.

It could overshoot, like three times, like it did the last phases. I don’t want to mention the number. I try to be conservative all the time. But let’s say a 2x or a 3x from that $288,000, and then it crashes again, of course.”

PlanB also highlights the significance of getting a publicly-listed company to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars worth of BTC as a hedge against inflation.

“I noticed a lot of people didn’t see the importance of what MicroStrategy did but because it’s a listed company, it means that people can put Bitcoin or well [get] Bitcoin exposure in their pension funds. They could just call their broker and, they can’t say ‘Well, get me some Bitcoin in my pension fund.’ But they can say, ‘Get me these and these and these companies. I want to have those in my pension scheme.’ In that way, you could see MicroStrategy as an ETF.”

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