Peter Brandt – 99% of Altcoins Will Eventually Fall Towards $0

Brandt is beyond bullish on Bitcoin and believes that 99% of alt cons are trash and will eventually go to zero – in all actuality, I tend to agree with him. What’s the consensus here?


Bitcoin Bull Peter Brandt: 99% of Altcoins Will Eventually Fall Towards $0

“Optimistic investors think that the recent strength in the altcoin market will last forever.

But according to Peter Brandt, a commodities trader/analyst with decades of experience, this belief is well too bullish. On July 14th, Brandt, referencing the chart of a cryptocurrency whose value has trended towards zilch against the dollar and against Bitcoin, commented:

‘Please speak up all you trolls that attacked me for telling you that $DIG was nothing but a huge scam. This chart will eventually describe 99% of all alt coins. But of course, your pet rock will not be one that flat lines.’”

Master Asked on July 16, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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