Parabolic Bitcoin Rally Incoming?

Mark Yusko believes so, not right at this moment but in about six to nine months

Crypto Hedge Fund Veteran Predicts Explosive Parabolic Move for Bitcoin – Here’s His Timeline

“’I think crypto spring is here. We’re still a ways from crypto summer when we get another parabolic move up.

But that will come probably in six to nine months.’

The crypto hedge fund executive looks beyond the fluctuating price charts to emphasize the importance of the blockchain as represented by the original crypto asset.

‘Bitcoin is a perfect store of value. It’s basically digital gold. Gold is the only money in the history of the world. Bitcoin is as good as gold. It’s equally scarce, yet it’s more divisible and more portable.’

Yusko goes on to explain why he’s not worried about the major losses Bitcoin has incurred since late in 2021, noting that he believes BTC already hit a cycle bottom at around $17,500 back in the middle of June.”


Master Asked on August 12, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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