Optical Proof-of-Work?

A different kind of proof-of-work is now being put forward – mining with lasers

Why Some Bitcoin Devs Say Lasers Can Cut Mining’s Energy Costs

“First and foremost, lasers have shown promise in making computation more efficient. Photons enable a higher bandwidth than electrons when used in computers, which is why fiber internet (powered by flashing lights through glass cables) is faster than “regular internet.” While there is some disagreement about the feasibility of laser-based computers replacing semiconductor-based ones outright, optical computation could theoretically improve performance. Not to mention it fits the “laser eyes” meme popular among bitcoiners.

From a business perspective, oPoW makes a lot of sense. Instead of having capital expenditure and operating expenses taking an equal share in running a bitcoin mine, the cost shifts toward upfront investment. As a result, oPoW Bitcoin hardware would be markedly more expensive than current machines.”



Master Asked on March 22, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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