One-Fifth of Global Bitcoin Hash Rate Now Controlled by Listed Companies



One-fifth of global Bitcoin hash rate is now controlled by listed companies

“While there were only a small number of public mining companies at the beginning of last year, there are now a total of 26 different public companies involved in Bitcoin mining, an increase driven by the growing number of mining companies going public.

The report suggests that the growth in the number of public mining companies has been driven by public companies having greater access to capital, which allows them to expand their mining fleets faster than their private competitors.

At present, 44.95% of the global hash rate emerges from North American miners, according to the latest data from the Cambridge Bitcoin electricity consumption index. With the massive projected increases in target hash rate among the publicly traded Bitcoin miners, this number is expected to increase, which means that the Bitcoin network will become gradually more centralized over time.”


Master Asked on April 7, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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