One Bitcoin Will be Worth a Lambo by 2022, and a Bugatti by 2023?

Bitcoin being Bitcoin and with the current global climate, anything is possible

One BTC will be worth a Lambo by 2022, and a Bugatti by 2023: Kraken CEO

“Appearing on Bloomberg, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell explained why he believes dollar-based long-term price predictions for Bitcoin are flawed, emphasizing the inflationary nature of fiat currencies.

Responding to a question asking Powell for end of year price predictions, Kraken’s CEO said: ‘I think I said Bitcoin is going to infinity and that’s kind of hard to comprehend because I’m measuring it in terms of dollars.’

Offering alternative measures for valuing Bitcoin, Powell speculated the value of Bitcoin may increase from its current ‘price’ or one BTC per Tesla Model 3 to ‘one Bitcoin per Lambo’ by the end of the year, and to ‘one Bitcoin per Bugatti’ by 2023. Powell added:

‘To the crypto community, I think those kinds of assets are easier to measure Bitcoin against because you never know where the dollar is going to be. There could be 10 times as many U.S. dollars out there a year from now, so it’s really hard to measure Bitcoin against the dollar.’”


Master Asked on March 31, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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