# Of Bitcoin Whales Hits All Time High During Latest Bull Run

Whales hodl nearly 8 million BTC and aren’t looking to sell any time soon:

The number of Bitcoin whales hit an all-time high during the latest bull run

The number of Bitcoin (BTC) whales reached a new all-time high amid last week’s price ascension. On October 20, there were 2,178 Bitcoin addresses that held at least 1,000 BTC. By October 25, this number increased to 2,231. At current prices, 1,000 BTC translates to approximately $13 million.

Based on this data, we can surmise that the whales control at least 2.23 million Bitcoin — a significant figure equivalent to 12% of the current supply.

According to data from BitcoinCharts, these whale addresses actually control a much higher 7,902,469 BTC, or 42% of the total supply. Although we know the number of whale addresses, we do not know how many individuals or entities control them. Multiple addresses could be controlled by a single entity, or likewise a single address could be controlled by multiple parties with a multi-signature wallet.

Full artilce here: https://cointelegraph.com/news/the-number-of-bitcoin-whales-hit-an-all-time-high-during-the-latest-bull-run


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