Now Might Be One of the Best Times to Buy Bitcoin


This morning we’re seeing bitcoin in the mid-$21K region – is now one of the best times to buy? I’d say anything right now is a great time to buy, especially considering where we are going

Now Might Be One of the Best Times to Buy Bitcoin

“Central bankers point to the strong labor market and 3.5% unemployment rate, but this can be misleading. According to a survey by small-business insurance marketplace Insuranks, 44% of Americans have taken on side hustles to earn extra money. And there are more Americans today who have two full-time jobs than in February 2020, before the pandemic struck down the economy. What’s more, consumer confidence is at a record low.

What this means is that as the Federal Reserve keeps setting higher interest rates to stop inflation, it will inevitably lead to a full-blown recession that wouldn’t be debated. And at this point, the central bank will probably have to change course and begin cutting interest rates again because they would need to stimulate economic growth. As a result, liquidity will once again be pumped into the financial system to encourage lending by banks and borrowing and spending by consumers.

And when this happens, the investment case for owning Bitcoin will become strikingly clear. Governments around the world need to keep the money printer going, and keep interest rates low, in order to support their colossal debt burdens, again creating an environment for elevated inflation to come back. If only there was a scarce digital store of value that was absolutely finite with no central bank controlling it. Luckily, there is. It’s called Bitcoin.”


Master Asked on August 23, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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