Novogratz’ Latest On Bitcoin


“Bitcoin Will Skyrocket When Sh*t Hits the Fan, Says Wall Street’s Biggest Crypto Bull

At MENA Summit 2019 in Abu Dhab, Novogratz explained why he thinks every investor should have 1% of their portfolio in Bitcoin.

‘As Bitcoin is becoming digital gold, and really the only crypto that has value just because it does, it is the hedge against these Minsky moments – if the *** hits the fan and yields curve.

People say, ‘If the stock market goes down, that’s not going to make Bitcoin go up.’ But if we start having a real financial crisis, a breakdown in trust and government securities, then it’s going to skyrocket. Because it really is hard money. You could also buy gold, but it’s going to replace gold…‘ “

Master Asked on March 8, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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