Nearly Half Of Bitcoin Holders Still Enjoy Gains Despite Bear Market

For those not enjoying gains, sit tight because we are in for a big turnaround coming soon.

Bitcoin (BTC) dwindled below the $20,000 mark Wednesday but despite the losses; quite a significant number of shareholders have significant gains to boot.

Around 47% of BTC holders earned profits, while 52% incurred losses
Bitcoin traded below the $20,000 Wednesday
As they say, there is no way you can lose with the king of crypto.

As of September 7, roughly 47% of BTC holders have registered gains at the current price while 52% claimed profit loss.

BTC holders who have amassed gains are dubbed as significant especially because BTC has retraced by roughly 59.98% this year. In comparison, Bitcoin was trading by 71% from the ATH value at $69,000 late last year.

Master Asked on September 9, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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