Nearly 60% of Mined Bitcoin is Held by Long-Term Investors

Recent report shows 60% of all Bitcoin mined are held by long-term investors while only 19% is used for trading

HODLers Prevail: Nearly 60% Of Mined Bitcoin Is Held By Long-Term Investors, Report Says

“In the eleven years of its existence, Bitcoin has seen roughly 18.6 million coins mined. Approximately 60% of that quantity ‘is held by entities – either people or businesses – that have never sold more than 25% of Bitcoin they’ve ever received, and have often held on to that Bitcoin for many years, which we label as Bitcoin held for long-term investment.’

The company also classified as lost bitcoins another 20%, which hasn’t moved from its current set of addresses in five or more years. By estimating this, Chainalysis said, ‘that leaves just 3.5 million Bitcoin – or 19% of all mined Bitcoin – that moves frequently, primarily between exchanges, which we label as Bitcoin used for trading.’”

Master Asked on June 20, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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