MSM’s Latest Attack On El Salvador’s Volcano Bonds Makes The Case For Bitcoin In All Its Glory

Thought this was a great read…the El Salvador saga continues….

Wholeheartedly Agreeing With The Telegraph’s Latest Attack On BTC In El Salvador

“The Telegraph’s latest hatchet job on El Salvador’s bitcoin strategy is right on the money. In a hilarious twist of events, mainstream media’s latest attack on the volcano bonds makes the case for bitcoin in all its glory. Everything that the article “The world should fear El Salvador’s bizarre Bitcoin experiment” implies is exactly the reason people should support El Salvador’s boldness.

Where is the disconnect, though? The Telegraph can explain that. Speaking about the possible effects of hyperbitcoinization, they say:

“It could certainly result in the panopticon being at least partially blinded. Your view on whether this might usher in a libertarian utopia or archaic free-for-all will largely depend on whether you think the US is a quasi-imperialistic bully or broadly a force for good.”

The funny thing is, The Telegraph admits that the US has abused the “exorbitant privilege” that the dollar’s status as the international reserve currency brings. And they even cherish it. What The Telegraph doesn’t do, though, is talk about inflation, and how the last few years’ rampant dollar printing hurts the whole world.”


Master Asked on March 23, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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