Morgan Stanley – Bitcoin’s 50% Correction is Nothing New

Bitcoin just can’t get out of the high $36-38K zone but don’t fear, we won’t be here forever and new highs are just on the horizon

Morgan Stanley Says Bitcoin’s 50% Correction Is Nothing New

“Bitcoin’s 50% drop from November’s record high is nothing new and the correction is within historical norms, Morgan Stanley said in a research note entitled ‘State of the bear market.’

Estimating the fair value of cryptocurrencies is difficult as they trade in a speculative manner, helped by the large availability of U.S. dollars and central bank liquidity, the bank’s head of cryptocurrency research, Sheena Shah, wrote in the report published last week.”

“The bank notes that bitcoin has witnessed 15 bear markets since its creation in 2009, and the correction seen in recent months is within the range of what has happened before.”



Master Asked on January 31, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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