More Signs Of Bitcoin’s Institutional Acceptance

Need more proof institutional acceptance of Bitcoin is here? Mainstream adoption could happen any day now and actually already has, the public just isn’t aware of it yet:

Investing In Bitcoin Mining Businesses Is Also A Sign Of Institutional Acceptance

Bitcoin is maturing and spreading. The title phrase is the same NewsBTC used three years ago in an article that came to the conclusion that the asset wasn’t ready. We said:

In its current state, the market is highly speculative, with a majority of investors looking to make a quick buck. Institutional investors have seen that, and have mostly shied away from opening their wallets for the industry. These investors are looking for long-term returns, securing the trust of consumers over time rather than making a quick buck.

The tables turned. The situation changed. At the present, we are in an era in which some of the more innovative institutions already invested and drove the price to insane all-time highs… only to take their earnings and let it drop again. In any case, Bitcoin is proving its worth as institutional investment. About this situation, NewsBTC said:

These high wealth players with decades of market experience and all kinds of tactics on their side were paramount to driving prices up to $60,000 per coin. Unfortunately, the data above suggests they were also instrumental to the selloff that left retail traders with a *** aftermath.

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