Mike Novogratz Nails Critical Step to Trigger the Rise of Bitcoin


Novogratz, bullish as ever with some thoughts on what could really boost Bitcoin…

“As for a pivotal moment that could turn the tide for Bitcoin and spark a greater transfer of wealth, Novogratz says it hasn’t happened yet, but that companies like Fidelity are well-positioned to make it happen.

‘The bulk of the money in this country still resides in older people’s brokerage accounts. The youth doesn’t have the money yet. The youth who love their phones and love Bitcoin don’t have the money…

And so, giving access to that bulk of money where the Fidelitys live — the most bullish thing that could happen would be for [CEO of Fidelity] Abby Johnson to say, ‘Hey, all my 26 million users can now buy Bitcoin on my platform. Hasn’t happened yet … but she’s a crypto believer.'”


Master Asked on October 25, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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