Mike Novogratz – Gary Gensler ‘Wants to Be the Sheriff of Cryptoville’

Hopefully like Twitter-users laser eyes, Satoshi’s Bitcoin lays waste to all of those who would oppose people’s quest for freedom. these politicians only want to keep their fiat train rolling, rolling right over any hope for people to free themselves from the bonds that tie them and hold them back

Mike Novogratz: Gary Gensler ‘Wants to Be the Sheriff of Cryptoville’

“Galaxy Digital founder and CEO Mike Novogratz famously said of institutional crypto adoption back in 2017 that ‘the herd is coming.’ In 2021, the herd has indeed arrived, but so has the law.

The newly minted Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Gary Gensler did not set foot inside the Messari Mainnet conference in New York this week, but he was nonetheless ubiquitous, conducting an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday—streamed live at the conference—in which he called cryptocurrencies ‘an asset class that’s highly speculative.’ His remarks added to a crypto market correction on Tuesday.

On a Wednesday morning panel at the conference, Novogratz was unequivocal when asked about Gensler. G’ary is smart, there’s absolutely no doubt about it he’s smart,’ the billionaire investor and Bitcoin bull said. ‘There’s also absolutely no doubt about it that he wants to regulate crypto. Clear as could be. He wants to be the sheriff of Cryptoville.'”





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