Mike McGlone – Bitcoin a Wild Card that will Outperform Stocks

Never mind the price doldrums, anyone with an inkling of understanding of Bitcoin is still bullish and knows Bitcoin’s future is bright and brilliant

Mike McGlone Pronounces Bitcoin A Wild Card That Will Outperform Stocks

“Despite the ongoing bear market and bitcoin price decline, some analyst still retains their confidence in Bitcoin. The Bloomberg Analyst Mike McGlone is one of them. He took to Twitter on Wednesday to express his thoughts about the most popular cryptocurrency.

The analyst strongly believes that Bitcoin will bounce back from the bear market. McGlone posted his thoughts on the recent Bitcoin price playouts on LinkedIn and Twitter. He addressed the tightening of the United States Federal Reserve as a determinant factor for the stock market’s direction. He added that Bitcoin is a ‘wild card’ that may defy the trend.”



Master Asked on September 14, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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