Middle Eastern Restaurant Chain Converts Entire Reserves To Bitcoin…

Another step towards mainstream adoption….


Middle Eastern Restaurant Chain Converts Entire Reserves to BTC

“With the United States and Canada printing money to prop up their ailing economies, Tahini’s owner Omar Hamam started to see the financial system as ‘a game of musical chairs being played right now and the music will stop and some people will get left out.’

Hamam said he was concerned that the handouts and money printing would devalue fiat currency. ‘It was apparent to us that cash didn’t have the same appeal,’ he said. ‘That eventually with all the excess cash circulating the economy that cash would be worth less.’

‘As time went on I was constantly trying to learn and grow my knowledge about finance. I heard people in the Bitcoin community saying you have to hear about Bitcoin at least 7 times before you get into it. 100% accurate.’

He decided to convert the company’s savings into Bitcoin because it ‘offers a much better alternative to saving cash. ‘He reported that they would continue to use Bitcoin as a reserve asset — ‘maybe forever, if we don’t have a need for fiat.'”



Master Asked on August 20, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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