MicroStrategy Selling Rumors are Simply FUD

Speculation that a very large amount of Bitcoin moved onto Coinbase is Saylor’s MicroStrategy’s is very much most likely nothing but FUD

MicroStrategy Selling Rumors Are FUD: CryptoQuant CEO

“Compounding the markets’ worries, a whale address spent the week sweeping nearly 242K BTC onto Coinbase. That’s over $5.4 billion worth of crypto at today’s exchange prices. It was the blockchain’s third wealthiest address. Abounding speculation that it was Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy wallet may have added some price resistance this week too.

After Tesla recently sold off a majority of its holdings, there is some trepidation in the crypto community that MicroStrategy will soon follow suit. But blockchain researcher Jarvis Labs called the speculation about MicroStrategy “noise” in a tweet thread Thursday.

Jarvis Labs also pointed out that this wallet has been accumulating since 2019. MSTR didn’t make its first BTC purchase until 2020, according to federally required regulatory financial disclosures.

It’s very unlikely the company has lied to the SEC and investors about its balance sheet. This sheds much doubt on the notion the wallet and 240+ thousand bitcoin are MicroStrategy’s.”



Master Asked on July 25, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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