Michael Saylor Praises Bitcoin’s Scarcity

Saylor praised Bitcoin again, no doubt this guy is beyond bullish – he doubled-down and said Bitcoin is the only scarcity known to humanity

Michael Saylor Praises Bitcoin’s Scarcity, Says Gold Is A Commodity

“With bitcoin’s growth, it has fast become a rival for other top investment assets in the space. One of those assets is gold. Bitcoin which is referred to as digital gold has outperformed its physical rival over the course of the last few years, putting them in fierce competition with each other. However, according to Saylor, only one of these assets is truly scarce and that is bitcoin.

Speaking on the PBD Podcast, Saylor explained that all other assets can have more of them created. He called bitcoin the only scarcity known to humanity. The CEO referred to gold as a commodity, alongside other assets like real estate and luxury watches.

‘I can create more real estate in New York City. I can create more cars. I can create more luxury watches. I can create more gold. I can create more shares of a stock. I can create more bonds,’ Saylor explained.”



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