McDonald’s Starts Accepting Bitcoin in El Salvador

McDonald’s in El Salvador is accepting Bitcoin and I’ve seen tweets of people buying coffee at Starbucks in El Salvador, as well. Funny how the press would have you think Bitcon is still some fad when in the real world, it is gaining acceptance across the globe by the day

McDonald’s Starts Accepting Bitcoin in El Salvador

“Popular fast-food franchise – Mcdonald’s – is receiving payments in Bitcoin, only in El Salvador. This development followed the Central American country’s adoption of the cryptocurrency as a legal tender on Tuesday.

McDonald’s Accepts Bitcoin Through Lightning Network
All businesses across El Salvador will be required to accept Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. But those who are technologically unable to receive cryptocurrency can be exempted from the law. Although the law stipulates that businesses must accept Bitcoin, many people had doubts about whether companies would be able to integrate Bitcoin payment solutions by the time the law went into effect.

However, Twitter users reported being able to pay for breakfast at the franchise with Bitcoin on Tuesday, the first day on which it became legal tender in the Central American nation. Aaron van Wirdum, a journalist, broke the news after he visited a McDonald’s restaurant in El Salvador, where he was presented with a printed QR code directing him to an invoice page on Lightning Network.

‘Just walked into a McDonald’s in San Salvador to see if I could pay for my breakfast with bitcoin, tbh fully expecting to be told no.

But low and behold, they printed a ticket with QR that took me to a webpage with Lightning invoice, and now I’m enjoying my desayuno traditional!’”


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