MaxKeiser Doubles Down On Bitcoin Predicition and Comments on Musk

Max Keiser still feels that Bitcoin hitting $220K is “still in play” and offers his take on Elon Musk

Max Keiser and Community Proponents Chip in on Elon Musk, Dogecoin, Tesla, and Bitcoin

“CryptoPotato reached out to one of Bitcoin’s most vocal proponents and well-known commentators in the industry, Max Keiser.

Keiser said it’s a ‘sad’ move, reasoning that political interests were involved in Tesla’s decision to halt BTC payments.

Tesla, and his [read: Elon Musk] whole business empire, is highly contingent on both American and Chinese government subsidies – which started off as free money. However, now, he is paying the price with this very public nervous breakdown as the governments of both countries call in favors. – Said Keiser.

He also took the chance to double down on his price prediction, saying that BTC reaching $220,000 this year is ‘still in play.’

Keiser also shared his thoughts on the meme coin mania. He said that they will ‘end up as collateral damage as bitcoin powers ahead.’”


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