Massive $68 Trillion Wealth Transfer Bullish for Bitcoin…?

Why of course it is!

Massive $68 Trillion Wealth Transfer Bullish for Bitcoin (BTC), Says Crypto Influencer

“Cerulli Associates, an asset management research firm, estimates nearly 45 million US households will hand over $68.4 trillion in wealth to heirs and charity in the next quarter century.

Chong cites an April 2019 report from venture capital firm Blockchain Capital, which indicated that millennial interest in Bitcoin was increasing despite the bear market at that time. Wrote Spencer Bogart, a general partner at the firm,

‘Younger demographics appear most inclined to purchase Bitcoin: 42% of those aged 18–34 said they are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ likely to purchase Bitcoin in the next 5 years — up 10 percentage points from 32% in October 2017.’”

Master Asked on February 28, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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