Mark Cuban: Bitcoin Will Replace Gold On Massive Scale

Cuban has changed his tune on Bitcoin quite a bit recently, his latest take is that Bitcoin will replace gold as a store-of-value asset:

Billionaire Mark Cuban Believes Bitcoin Will Replace Gold on Massive Scale

In a new interview with UpOnly, the celebrity investor says that although he’s never been convinced that Bitcoin could function well as a currency, he does believe BTC will fully replace gold for a wide range of investors.

“Bitcoin’s great as a platform. It’s accepted now. It’s an alternative asset. It’s going to replace gold in the portfolios of a lot of people and that hopefully will push the price up as long as the whales continue to HODL. But that’s a different type of platform and its utility really only happens when you wrap it, at least as of now.”

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Master Asked on April 9, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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