Mark Cuban: Bitcoin Is”Better Than Gold”

Bitcoin is best, not only is that also my username, but it is also the truth. Even former Bitcoin hater Mark Cuban has come around and now says Bitcoin is “better than gold”.

Bitcoin is “better than gold,” Cuban tweeted on Monday evening. “No worries about storing it. Easy to transfer. Easy to trade. Easy to convert. Doesn’t require an intermediary. Can be fractionalized.”

He added that bitcoin is at a disadvantage versus gold because there is no “William Devane type commercials” that look to sell the cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation.

Devane, who starred on the popular soap opera Knots Landing and the serial drama 24, has for the past decade peddled gold for Rosland Capital, telling prospective customers the precious metal is “the only currency I trust.”


Master Asked on June 23, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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