Majority Of British Crypto Owners Revealed To Be….HODLERS!

New report out of the UK shows 10% of British citizens hold or have held cryptocurrency….with 55% of those never having sold any…

Majority of British crypto owners revealed to be hodlers: Survey

“An average crypto asset holder in Great Britain would be young, male and a hodler. And they would consider crypto to be a “fun investment.” Such are the findings from the fresh research conducted by Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC) with the help of research agency Kantar UK and published on Tuesday.

Taking a quantitative approach, the research sought to establish the prevalence of owning crypto assets, the types and amounts held, and the platforms individuals use to buy crypto assets. It consisted of a survey with a representative sample of 5,916 United Kingdom adults, including 713 crypto asset owners.

The report revealed that 10% of the U.K. citizens hold or have held crypto, with 55% never having sold any (equivalent to 5% of the adult population). Only 7% are currently holding more than £5,000 (almost $6000 by press time) in value, while 52% of current owners have holdings of up to £1,000 ($1200).”


Master Asked on July 6, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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