Macro Guru Lyn Alden Says Bitcoin Is Structurally Bullish Long Term, Despite This Year’s Collapse

This, exactly. More people need to not solely focus on the price and look at the bigger picture.

“Basically, this is the time to focus on what’s real, what’s being built, what problems are being solved, especially when you look at globally – the whole world, developing markets, especially – and seeing what are the problems with the money system? What’s happening with inflation, what’s happening with authoritarian countries or frozen bank accounts and all sorts of things like that, and what technologies can actually be useful for them?

For that type of reason, I’m long-term structurally bullish on Bitcoin.”

In addition to the thesis that Bitcoin looks bullish from a macro perspective, Alden also says that investors should also keep an eye on BTC’s fundamentals.

“So I think it’s about managing position sizes and then focusing on the fundamentals, which contrary to popular belief, there are fundamentals.

So basically, you can look at what’s happening in terms of development: what’s happening with the Lightning Network, what’s happening with different wallets and ecosystem around the whole space, what’s happening with adoption in certain developing markets, what’s happening with on-chain indicators… There are different ways to analyze the market I think to understand what’s happening under the hood.”

Master Asked on August 15, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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