Ledger CEO – Retail is Pushing the Price Up

The number of Bitcoin addresses with a non-zero balance is at an all-time high

Retail is pushing the Bitcoin price up, says Ledger CEO

“As crypto prices recover after a slump last week, Pascal Gauthier, CEO of crypto wallet firm Ledger, addressed questions relating to the state of the crypto market.

In an interview taken by CNBC at the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Gauthier said the situation panning out with Bitcoin (BTC) comes as no surprise. The retail trend is prominent and it’s ‘always the same.’ He explained:

‘The number of addresses with the minimum number of BTC is actually growing compared to the number of whales. There is a profound retail trend everywhere in the world; they trust Bitcoin more and more. It’s the people that will push the price up.’”



Master Asked on January 12, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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