Kroger Says Release on Company Accepting Bitcoin Cash is Fake

Well, ***  – I thought maybe I could unload some of this pesky B Cash I’ve been holding onto for the past few years at Kroger but that’s not happenning anytime soon

Kroger says release on company accepting “bitcoin cash” is fake

“(Reuters) – Kroger Co said on Friday a press release saying it would accept “bitcoin cash” this holiday season is fraudulent, becoming the second major retailer in recent weeks to be ensnared in a crypto hoax.

The release appeared on Kroger’s investor relations page, and was later deleted.

‘This morning a press release was fraudulently issued claiming to be The Kroger Co that falsely stated the organization will begin to accept Bitcoin Cash. This communication was fraudulent and is unfounded and should be disregarded,’ a spokesperson for the company said in an emailed statement.

The company did not immediately respond to questions on how the release made it to its website.”


Master Asked on November 5, 2021 in Cryptocurrency.
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