Jonathan Herzog – the Most Crypto-Friendly Congressional Candidate Yet?

Congressional candidate Herzog believes the US needs to embrace crypto so as not to fall behind other nations, and he’s not wrong about that at all. No idea on Herzog other than this article but we do need pro-Bitcoin/crypto/blockchain politicians here in the States

Jonathan Herzog May Be the Most Crypto-Friendly Congressional Candidate Yet

“Herzog believes that the state of Wyoming sets a great precedent and that the U.S. national crypto regulation should follow suit if the country is not to fall behind other nations. He also thinks that the New York’s BitLicense is detrimental to the development of the crypto space in the state.

The odds seem to be stacked against this young protege of Andrew Yang. However, Herzog told Cointelegraph that he believes he has a realistic chance and is depending on the support of the city’s vibrant crypto community:

‘I am here to fight for the future that we are building together, a decentralized, open, open-source future, and Bitcoin, Ethereum and decentralized blockchains are part and parcel of that.’”

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