Joe Rogan: The US Government Fears Bitcoin

On Rogan’s most recent podcast he brought Bitcoin up again and mentioned that it reminds him of the Internet in its early days and that the US govt is afraid of it:

Joe Rogan Believes the US Government Fears Bitcoin

During his most recent podcast episode, Joe Rogan reiterated his support of bitcoin, asserting that the current status of the asset is much similar to the early Internet:

“I think of bitcoin the same way I think about the early Internet.”

According to Rogan, the US government did not expect BTC to become a “viable currency” that one can use to buy things. As such, the authorities started “freaking out” and are now looking to cope with the situation.

The UFC commentator does not think the American lawmakers will restrict the employment of cryptocurrencies as they have had a bad experience trying to impose censorship on the Internet during the Obama administration. The move caused significant backlash from society and was quickly withdrawn.

In the case of digital assets, Rogan expects the US government to create a centralized digital currency that they can control. However, this will limit people’s purchases and steal their financial freedom.

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