Joe Rogan Accepted Payment of $100K in Bitcoin

Add Joe Rogan to the recent list that is growing of mayors and notable people in the public eye asking to be paid in Bitcoin

World’s Biggest Podcaster Joe Rogan Accepts Bitcoin Payment

“Joe Rogan, the world’s most successful podcaster and comedian, may have accepted a Bitcoin payment of $100,000. The podcast host and MMA commentator has talked about Bitcoin in the past on his show, and has even hosted conversations with notable Bitcoiners, but accepting Bitcoin as payment marks a definitive switch in stance on his part.

During the Joe Rogan Experience episode #1728, about 56 minutes and 30 seconds in, frequent guest and comedian Ari Shaffir boasted to fellow comics Mark Normand and Shane Gillis on behalf of their friend, ‘Joe got a deal for over $100,000 dollars,’ Shaffir said.

‘It’s not American money,’ Joe deflected, brushing off his fellow comics’ antics. ‘It’s all in Bitcoin.'”


Master Asked on November 5, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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