Jimmy Song…Bitcoin Will End “Fiat Morality”

Jimmy Song has been writing more often for Bitcoin Magazine and his latest article is a great one if you’re not a fan of the current climate pushed on the regular folks by the elites…


“Our moral universe has been invaded by fiat.

Many display Ukrainian flags, wear masks and use preferred pronouns. Someone from even five years ago would be pretty confused about these behaviors. The reason is obvious, these are all moral rules that have been imposed on us recently and are not intuitive or inborn. We were forced to learn these behaviors because of what authorities said. They are what I call “fiat morality.”

Fiat morality is a set of values pushed onto us from the elites. There are new ones every year and they can change quickly. What was considered moral behavior just a few years ago can be considered vile and offensive now and vice versa. The rules change more often than Ethereum’s monetary policy…

…Bitcoin gives us a stable monetary standard. Instead of a fluctuating and constantly changing money, we get a standardized, unchanging money. Since money is half of every market transaction and a large part of almost every other relationship, making money constant makes transactions, or trade, more trustworthy.

The hope of Bitcoin is that interactions between individuals become better because the central bank is removed from that interaction. There are also no Cantillon effects to win. This means less need for justifications. The lack of rent-seeking means less fiat morals! You don’t need an excuse to steal when you can’t steal.

As a result, the specter of fiat contagion disappears and the need for fiat morals lessens. The associated costs of propaganda and heavy coordination go away and get put into productive use. The elites need less justification for their bad behavior because they can’t benefit from Cantillon effects. Governance becomes about the governed instead of the governors and citizens aren’t seen as slaves to be manipulated. We can go back to using natural law and not get twisted morally.

In short, we can kick out fiat morality to the curb and stop being manipulated by virtue signalers.

Good riddance.”



Master Asked on June 21, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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