It’s ‘Time To Pay Attention’ To Bitcoin

As if we haven’t been already! For those who haven’t, it is beyond time to start paying attention to Bitcoin!


Top crypto analyst Nicholas Merten is drawing attention to Bitcoin and the crypto markets as the sector recovers from its drawdown.

In a new video, Merten tells his 466,000 subscribers that he thinks Bitcoin is definitively turning bullish.

“We’ve now not only cleared through any points of resistance… but have also made support here at previous support back in February [$46,000]…

We’ve gotten rid of the worries here in regards to the 6-8 month timeframe for Bitcoin. So this is really, really nice to see, and again with the higher lows and higher highs, just how we talk about lower highs and lower lows being a significant trend to the downside, this is a trend for the bulls in this case – for the optimism in the market.”

Master Asked on August 16, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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