Is the Bottom in?

Is the bottom in? I don’t expect Bitcoin to go much lower than the $18K range we’ve seen but over time, expect more and more sh!tcoins to fally by the wayside as this is simply nature. I do hope and believe we will see some major upward movement in Bitcoin’s price as we move towards the next few weeks and winter

Is the bottom in? Crypto community shares their thoughts

“From bracing for further impact and waiting for Bitcoin (BTC) prices to go lower to hoping the fun that comes with a bull market goes on, crypto community members shared their thoughts on the crypto prices’ bottom.

Some Twitter users are convinced that it’s not yet the bottom. One community member replied to the thread, saying that people should be ready for Bitcoin to go even lower. ‘This winter will be hard,’ they wrote. Despite being of the same sentiment that it’s not yet the bottom, another Twitter user shows a more positive vibe saying that they just cashed some winners and are waiting for what’s next.

Meanwhile, a community member who wrote ‘shitcoin maximalist’ on their Twitter bio replied to the thread in a jolly manner but was seemingly tired of the crypto crashes.”


Master Asked on September 23, 2022 in Cryptocurrency.
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