Is That You, Satoshi?

After a decade, $12ML in Satoshi-era BTC has come to life and spent on October 11th in 21 separate transactions

Is That You, Satoshi? $12,000,000 in Bitcoin Suddenly Spent After Lying Dormant for 10 Years

Is That You, Satoshi?

“Crypto analytics firms and independent analysts have tried to trace movements involving early-stage Bitcoin to try and determine whether it could be owned by Nakamoto. Blockchain analysts believe that the mysterious BTC creator mined a total of one million Bitcoin, beginning with the initial 50 BTC reward for the genesis block in January 2009.

The most recent transfer is the third batch of Satoshi-era BTC to move this year. Earlier this month, 50 BTC mined in May 2010 was believed to have been sent to crypto exchange Bitfinex. In May, 50 BTC mined all the way back in February 2009 moved after remaining inactive for 11 years.”


Master Asked on October 12, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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