Is it Wrong To Say Bitcoiners Don’t Care About Bitcoin’s Price Drop?


This is something i’ve been seeing not only here but finally across social media and other sites, those of us into Bitcoin who have either been in the space a decent amount of time and/or have a solid knowledge about the ins and out of Bitcoin aren’t phased by these drops. Here’s a few examples with this article:

Is it really wrong to say Bitcoiners ‘do not care’ about Bitcoin’s price drop

Bitcoin’s price crash has set many investors panicking as they perhaps question their investment strategies and the health of their portfolios. For his part, investment analyst Anthony Pompliano claimed that though Bitcoin’s price performance might look worrying, Bitcoin miners and Bitcoiners “do not care.”

However, this is quite a reductive analysis, as the situation is far more complex.

A Bitcoin crash or just a fender bender?
During an episode of his business show, Pompliano claimed,

“Bitcoin’s hash rate continues to hit all-time-highs. Countries tried to take them out. Nobody cares. The price goes down. Nobody cares.”

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