Is Bitcoin About to Hit $50K?

We;re not far from $48K this morning – $50K incoming really soon?

Dollar weakness meets alt season: Is Bitcoin price about to hit $50K?

‘Bitcoin’s (BTC) price broke through the crucial level at $40,500 as news of Tesla adding $1.5 billion in Bitcoin to their balance sheet. This news event pushed the price to new all-time highs, putting the next major resistance level at $50,000.

What’s more, other cryptocurrencies are accelerating left and right as the landscape is ideal for altcoins to start moving. All-time highs are being established daily across many altcoins while Bitcoin is consolidating. But how long will this consolidation last? Let’s take a look at the charts.”

Is Bitcoin About to Hit $50K?


Master Asked on February 11, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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