Invest Your Second Stimulus Check Into Bitcoin

Invest that second stimulus check into Bitcoin – if you can afford it that is. I would love to take that $1200 and stack some sats but atm it is looking like that’s not in the cards – BUT, if you can, it’d be highly advisable to buy as much Bitcoin as possible with this second round of stimulus money

Invest Your Second Stimulus Check Into Bitcoin

“After yet another day of heated debate in Congress, Americans are awaiting confirmation of their second stimulus checks by Monday.

According to reports, both Democrat and Republican parties are now in agreement – the new relief package will include another one-time stimulus check of $1,200 per person (and $500 per dependent) for all individuals earning $75,000 or less. There have been other accounts that indicate the income requirement could be as low as $40,000, however.

As unemployment remains at over 11% and many of the states are considering rolling back their reopening plans, most of us are looking forward to this welcome relief. Although many recipients will rush to deposit their checks into savings for a rainy day, here are the reasons why you should consider investing your $1,200 into Bitcoin instead.”

Master Asked on July 24, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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