Inside the Mysterious World of Ethereum’s Mempool

Not up to speed on Ethereum’s mempool? Let’s take a look inside:


Blockchain infrastructure firm Blocknative launched a Blockchain Mempool Explorer yesterday, enabling users to access data more easily from the mempool.

But what is the mempool? It’s the gateway to Ethereum’s blockchain and many others. Before any transaction is written on a blockchain, the information first enters the mempool. There it sits, almost in purgatory, waiting for a Godly miner to select it and inscribe it into a block—or discard it forever. But the very nature of this in-between world, which differs for each miner, has always made it challenging to analyse. And it is often exploited by bad actors with the expertise to see things the rest of us can’t.


Master Asked on September 24, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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