IMF Wants “Comprehensive, Coordinated” Global Crypto Regulation

I’m sure they do….

I guess we’ll see how Satoshi’s rat poison works…

IMF Wants ‘Comprehensive, Coordinated’ Global Crypto Regulation

“In a blog post, the IMF’s Tobias Adrian, Dong He, and Aditya Narain argued for “comprehensive international standards” to address the risks posed to the financial system from cryptocurrencies, while calling for an “enabling environment for useful crypto asset products and applications.”

Crypto service providers such as exchanges should be licensed or authorized, argued the post’s authors, while a distinction should be made between services and products for investments versus those intended for payments, with the former being overseen by the securities regulator and the latter overseen by “the central bank or the payments oversight authority.”

Finally, financial institutions with exposure to crypto should have to adhere to “clear requirements” including limits on exposure, investor suitability, and risk assesments.”


Master Asked on December 10, 2021 in Cryptocurrency.
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