Human Rights Activists Explain Bitcoin’s Importance To Human Rights In Letter To US Congress

A letter was submitted to the US congress today explaining Bitcoin’s importance to people, specifically the financially oppressed:

Yeonmi Park Co-Signs Letter to Congress Explaining Bitcoin’s Importance for Human Rights

Famous North Korean defector and activist Yeonmi Park has petitioned U.S. congress to remain open-minded when legislating Bitcoin and stablecoins. Together with another 19 human rights activists from around the world, she argues why such tools can help bring financial freedom to those who need it most.

A Tool for Financial Freedom
In the letter submitted on Tuesday, the activists claimed that they, alongside tens of millions of others living under authoritarian regimes, have relied on Bitcoin and stablecoins in their “struggle for freedom and democracy.”

“Bitcoin provides financial inclusion and empowerment because it is open and permissionless,” the group explained. Together with stablecoins, the group argues that both technologies provide economic freedom for nations with collapsing or siloed currencies – Nigeria, Turkey, and Argentina among them.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are value pegged to traditionally stable fiat currencies, such as the U.S. dollar. Bitcoin – while much more volatile by comparison – has a fixed supply, making it a long-term inflation hedge in the eyes of many holders.

Given their usefulness, the activists call for an “open-minded” and “empathetic” approach toward these monetary tools.

“We are not industry financiers or professional lobbyists but humanitarians and democracy advocates who have used Bitcoin to assist people at risk when other options have failed,” the group claims.

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