“Human B” – a Full-Length Film on Bitcoin & One Man’s Journey

This had slipped past my radar until this morning when I saw the below on CT –

Film review: ‘Human B’ shows a personal journey with Bitcoin

“Pierre Corbin, a Bitcoin consultant and documentary maker shared his opinion on Human B with Cointelegraph: ‘I liked how the beginning shows the Bitcoin culture and the passion of the people working in the space, all while being intellectuals. It is shown for newbies that are not maxis and understand the Bitcoin pop culture. I could show it to my family and maybe they would finally understand why I am obsessed.’

Among the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film takes the viewer from Germany to Austria to Mexico and, finally, to Miami, where El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law is first announced. And while the film’s focus is on protagonist Jan, who slowly plans, then executes, his trip to Miami’s Bitcoin 2021 Conference. The documentary collates quirky interviews with well-known German Bitcoiners.”



The film in full is on YouTube with English subtitles



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