How Will The $8 Trillion Global Stimulus Affect Bitcoin?

One of the many factors which could/will affect Bitcoin blasting into outerspace

How the $8 trillion in global stimulus payments will affect Bitcoin

“‘Crucially, this drive higher appears to be feeding into the historical pre-halving trend that could point towards a huge upside over the coming year. […] The truth on the ground is very different and the desperation to keep markets pushing higher means we are likely to see more and more stimulus come into force. That is good for Bitcoin and other non-fiat assets such as gold,’ said Mahony.

Mati Greenspan, the founder of Quantum Economics, came to a similar conclusion, noting that as central banks have recently reaffirmed their commitment to creating even more ‘free money,’ Bitcoin is now the best performing asset this year.

‘Just like it’s done nearly every year since inception,’ he added.”

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