Guinness World Records Adds New Cryptomania Category

The 2023 Guinness Book Of World Records is out and this latest edition has a new “Cryptomania” section:

Guinness World Records Adds Bitcoin Under Cryptomania Category

The 2023 edition of the Guinness World Records was launched last month. This latest edition included a wide range of different achievements from many sectors, it recognized the crypto space fully under ‘Cryptomania’ with the inclusion of Bitcoin, NFTs, and other crypto events. Also, the record noted the rise of TikTok and space travel events.

Guinness World Records has taken a tour into the virtual world in the report. The 2023 edition brought in a new category tagged ‘Cryptomania.’ This unique aspect added information about Bitcoin and several blockchain events.

Data from the Guinness World Records are acceptable and relevant globally. The inclusion of the crypto space and its numerous events in the records create an essential significance for the industry.

This proves that the crypto sector and blockchain technology have become popular public subjects within the past few years.

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