Growing Interest In Crypto & Blockchain Survey Shows

Just give it some time and the interest shown now is going to be nothing when this all really blows-up

Survey Shows Growing Interest Among Americans in Blockchain and Cryptos

“Americans with a working knowledge of cryptocurrencies have been showing a rising interest in blockchain technology and cryptos.

According to a survey conducted by the global peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace Paxful, this demographic increasingly views digital assets as an alternative to the ‘defective’ and traditional financial system.

Released on April 23, the study states that cryptocurrencies as an asset are maturing, and close to 50% of respondents believe that a triggering event in the traditional financial system will help people shift their focus to Bitcoin (BTC) as an alternative.

The most common use cases for Bitcoin, according to the survey, include real-life payments (69.2%) and to combat inflation and corruption (50.4%).”

Master Asked on April 23, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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