Goldman Sachs CEO: Regulators Should be ‘Hyperventilating’ at Bitcoin’s Success


THis boils down to one thing – control. Well, make that two – add greed because they want to control and keep you poor while under their thumb. It’s laughable how they always have to throw those boogeyman “terrorists” in there, too

Goldman Sachs CEO: Regulators should be ‘hyperventilating’ at Bitcoin’s success

Goldman Sachs senior chairman Lloyd Blankfein has stated that regulators should be ‘hyperventilating’ in response to Bitcoin’s recent success, characterizing the crypto asset as undermining the capacity for lawmakers to monitor the financial system.

While appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Jan. 25, Blankfein asserted that Bitcoin’s pseudonymous nature makes it perfect for illicit financing, stating: ‘You don’t know whether or not you’re paying the North Koreans, or Al-Qaeda, or the revolutionary guard.’

Despite authorities frequently utilizing the transparency of blockchain to track the use of crypto by terrorist organizations, Blankfein questioned how regulators can allow crypto assets to flourish in their existing form.

‘If I were a regulator, I would be kind of hyperventilating at the success of [Bitcoin] at the moment, and I would be arming myself to deal with it,’ he said”


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