Generation Bitcoin Is Still On Course

Inline with the thread I started yesterday on Yusko and the great transfer of wealth we are to see, here is a recent survey out of the UK which shows Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are briding the gap between those who know and use crypto and those who don’t:

Generation Bitcoin is still on course

Thanks to the likes of MicroStrategy, PayPal, and yes, Elon Musk, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have increasingly become an important part of the mainstream financial market. However, acceptance and recognition don’t always mean adoption, with the same evident when adoption stats from around the world are looked into.

The United Kingdom is a case in point, with a recent survey by Finder highlighting the gap that exists between people who know about cryptocurrencies and people who actually own and use cryptocurrencies. However, it also underlined the fact that this gap is being bridged with every passing year.

The survey found that at least 19% of all Brits have invested in cryptocurrencies at some point. In fact, Finder found that there has been a 558% hike in the number of people owning cryptocurrencies in the U.K since 2018. That’s a staggering rate of growth, especially since for most of the intervening period, Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency sector was in a bearish market.

In fact, while there was a brief period of bullish respite in 2019, it wasn’t until mid-2020 that the bull market finally took flight, with a flurry of institutional investments coming in to underline confidence in the digital asset.

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