Gavin Michael: Bitcoin “Isn’t Going Away”

Of course it’s not. The only place Bitcoin is going is up. Way up.

Bitcoin ‘Isn’t Going Away,’ Digital Assets Company CEO Says

Bitcoin has been put to the extreme test during the past few weeks as this year’s cryptocurrency market crash has raised questions about the viability of the industry, with investors bearing the brunt of the collapse and market fear hitting a new high.

Fears of a worldwide recession and the highest inflation in over four decades have delivered a heavy blow to the young cryptocurrency market in 2022, spawning a brutal crypto winter that has driven once-soaring companies to shut down and investors into panic-selling.

Nearly $2 trillion in market value, billions of dollars in frozen assets, and thousands of jobs have been lost because of the turbulence, but these losses may only be the beginning.

Despite the bleak outlook, the chief executive officer of this digital assets management company is optimistic.

Gavin Michael said in an interview with Yahoo Finance on Friday that the cryptocurrency industry is “not going away.” In fact, he claims that interest in the field is motivated by the likelihood of a significant resurgence next year, following the recent decline of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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