From Bitcoin Naysayer To a $250 Million Investment

Funny how time changes things – here is one of the biggest examples, as of late – MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor was not so long ago proclaiming the future death of Bitcoin – and now his company has just invested $250 million in Bitcoin

MicroStrategy CEO predicted the death of Bitcoin years ago

“Earlier this week, American software company MicroStrategy announced it was investing $250 million in Bitcoin to protect against inflation fears and a grim economic outlook. It was a major endorsement in the cryptocurrency space.

But it wasn’t always destined to be this way. Back in 2013, MicroStrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor, who led the announcement, predicted the death of Bitcoin.

‘Bitcoin days are numbered. It seems like just a matter of time before it suffers the same fate as online gambling,’ Saylor tweeted.”

Fast-forward to the present- “‘This investment reflects our belief that Bitcoin, as the world’s most widely-adopted cryptocurrency, is a dependable store of value and an attractive investment asset with more long-term appreciation potential than holding cash,’ said Saylor on August 11.”


Master Asked on August 14, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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